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Re: [IP] convincing the ignorant

Hi.  Boy can I relate.  One of my grandmothers was an RN (stopped practicing
after she got married in the 30's) before and after insulin.  When my sister
was dx'd in the 70's, grandma put in her .02 cents worth of 1930's wisdom.
It went over like a lead balloon.  Luckily my mom was able to explain the
how and why of the regime that sis was under and who her endo was.  In the
end gram stuck (pardon the pun) to giving advice on injections and accurate
urine testing,
>From the sound of y'alls posts Geneva is pretty self managed and confident
with her pump and it's protocol.  If gram can put away her fear of sugar and
complications for a little bit and observe how proficient Geneva is with her
DM management, you may be able to fill her in on the wonders and freedoms of
this new and powerful treatment.  Having her read Pumping Insulin on the
flight out might not be a bad idea either.  Good luck ~ Frank

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