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Re: [IP] Sof-set Micro Lows

<<was the .5 sw for the nutty bar?
should we be following up all   lows with a snack and bolusing?  or did you
do this in case she dropped again?
I thought we didn't have to follow up with snack on the pump.perplexed...

Ruth, normally Amy does not bolus for a correction for a low -- she just 
treats the low. But, since she had been running low all day, I wanted to give 
her enough to get her bg up in the 90 - 100 range and keep it there, w/o 
making her go too high. Thus, decided to bolus over an hour to give that 
insulin a while getting into her system.

 BTW, her bgs after that? at 4a.m. - 103, 6:30 - 107, lunch 111, 3:30 pm - 
108, and dinner time, 106. I am knocking on wood like crazy!!!!! Don't know 
how the rest of the weekend will be until it's over - she's away at a church 

 Also, not sure why they are working so well for Amy -- they are for younger 
or "smaller" people than Amy. At 13, she still has quite a bit of "baby fat" 
on her tummy -- only on her tummy -- petite everywhere else! But maybe this 
shorter set is putting the insulin right where it needs to be for best 
absorption. Who knows?

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