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Re: [IP] eyes

Hi Kristen,

 I too have had diabetes for 18 yrs I am now 26 and found out I have 
retnaopthy on my eyes also there are a lot of little dots that result in 
being watched by my eye doctor and a retina specialist  they have assured me 
as long as I keep my eyes in check I will not go blind so far I have not need 
laser at all and I go every three month to make sure it all stays well ... I 
find that my eyes get tired also .. my eyes are always a big concern to me 
and my doc know it I can always tell when she finds something new because she 
is very careful how she tells me .. I automatically cry and then takes me a 
bit to realize this is part of diabetes but I will not go blind.... I think 
it is just good to keep an eye on it and make sure all is well ...I am not 
sure I am much of a help to you but I can Identify with you completely it is 
a scary feeling at first but know that you can still live you life and others 
understand how you feel...  
thoughts with you Julie 
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