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[IP] convincing the ignorant

someone else inquired about this dilemma recently, and I forgot what the
answer was.

my mother is coming to celebrate her 80th bday with our family here in CA.
her sister's son died of complications of IDDM at a very ripe old age of 66.
he followed a very strict diet as a child but later did not follow the rules
as an adult.  dialysis was his ticket later in life.

my mother STILL thinks that geneva should not be eating any sugar

when we were on MDI...and in pretty good control with humalog to cover extra
carbs...she gave us ******  about it.

now that geneva is on the pump...and able to eat / drink whatever she
wishes...I am not looking forward to the comments.

is there a place to print out 'the whole picture'....or shall I hand her
"pumping insulin" and force her to read it on the first day?

I know that deep down inside that it doesn't matter what she thinks....but I
just would like some 'ammunition'.   we are also heading to a family reunion
at thanksgiving at which I would like to be prepared for the other
relatives' comments.

thanks guys!

mom to 10 yr. old geneva

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