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Re: [IP] carbo load at night

In a message dated 9/17/99 4:32:03 PM, email @ redacted writes:

<<Even a pretty low 
 carb bedtime snack also causes highs during the night, even if I've used a 
 bolus that I know covers that very snack at some other time.   >>
 We see the same thing with Stephen, but he is so used to a bedtime snack, I 
don't know how to say no.  What have you done to compensate?  Cange the bolus 
ratio or learn to skip it?>>

Mostly I skip it (:-))  but to compensate for it I have to do it later, not 
in an initial bolus or I will go low.  I have successfully done a 4 hr square 
wave, but I am always hesitant to do this while sleeping, so usually just 
adjust at 2 or 3 a.m. when it has gone high.  I find I need no more than half 
as much as a square wave beforehand as I do for a bolus to bring down the 

But I do have gastroparesis, and probably a tendency to insulin insensitivity.

Linda Zottoli
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