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Re: [IP] Re: ER visits

Laura Arns wrote:
> Since we are all sharing ER horrors, I will toss a couple out there too.

I've had Steve's endocrinologists tell me on more than one occasion, for
example, when Steve was sick, or when he had given himself 24 units of
Humalog before bed instead of 24 units of ultralente (pre-pump), to
AVOID THE ER if at all possible!!  If the endo is called as soon as
sickness develops, and you follow their instructions, MOST emergency
room visits can be avoided if the responsible person doesn't panic.  I
was starting to panic the night that the wrong insulin dose was given
(his BS dropped from 250 to 88 to 58 AFTER a hot fudge sundae and other
food), but the endo talked us through giving glucagon and watching him
closely and we avoided the ER.

I work in a hospital, have worked there for many years, but prefer to
take care of my son at home, whenever possible.  (Obviously there are
going to be times when a trip to the hospital is necessary). Even the
endo agrees with me.

Mom of Steven, 13
Pumping since 7/99 and LOVING IT!!!
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