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[IP] eyes


I get anxious about my D and have xanax (sp?) as needed. I took one this

OK guys,

I went to a new eye doc today for a second opinion, since my eyes get
very tired when I read or am on the computer alot. Afterwards I squint
to focus way too much for comfort. I have been going to the same eye doc
since I was 9. Dxd with D at 11. The last time I went was in June and he
gave me another clean bill of health.

Well I decided to go to somebody else for the hell of it, since my doc
says I am fine and just need to rest my eyes when I read, etc. 

I was told that I have 2 spots?? in my right eye and 2 or 3 on my left,
and only one is in a precarious spot. 
He gave me a card with a dot in the middle and lines around it and told
me to look at it everyday and if the lines wiggled to call him
immediatley. I asked if he considered me to have retinopathy and he said
yes..it is to be expected? I asked if it is possible that they were
there in June and he said it's possible they were overlooked or they are
new..FIVE NEW??(Oh and the tired eyes are from astigmatism and just
plain old tired eyes).

Is this considered the beginning stages of retinopathy? Or is it
retinopathy? Are they just changes in my eyes? 
He did explain it, but I really wasn't comprehending him, since I was
worried about throwing up..cause my stomach was in knots.

I am going to call my regular eye doc tomorrow and my endo on Monday.

Can I hear the good stories of retinopathy...PLEASE!!

Not that happy right now
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