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[IP] Re: pumps in hospitals

<<In most cases it is simply a lack of knowledge that is the problem, not
the nurse trying to be difficult. However, it is unfair to expect the
patient to suffer because of the lack of knowledge.>>

Laura...well said,,,
I have spent a considerable amount of time as a diabetes educator trying to 
help solve this problem. This is probably a passion of mine since the same 
problems occured with my elderly mother who was on insulin, but not a pumper. 
Causing hypoglycemia and chest pain and an extended hospital stay in any 
person with cardiac complications (or no complications, for that matter) is 
irresponsible care.
It is the professional responsibility of any healthcare professional to stay 
abreast of current therapy and management for all patients in their care. It 
is also a professional responsibility to cno harm to the patient.
(Off my soapbox. Sorry.)

Barbara B.
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