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RE: [IP] Exercise Highs

I am not an exercise physiologist or anything, just an ordinary pumper :)  
but I sometimes have this same problem when I exercise.  I will start off 
fine or a little high, adjust my pump or food accordingly, and then 
exercise.  Right after I'm done, my bgs are great, but in about half an 
hour, they climb, sometimes pretty high.  My pump trainer/nurse suggested to 
me that maybe it was because while exercising, my body releases glycogen for 
energy, and then when I'm done, this still happens, therefore driving up my 
blood sugar.  the weird thing is, it doesn't always happen!! grrrrr . . . 
like today, I did some pretty intense walking/running for about an hour and 
a half, and have had to set a temp basal of 0.0 for going on four hours now, 
with bgs hovering steadily around 75.  waiting to see how long before I need 
insulin again.  --Gianna

By about 2 hours after, I am a lot
>higher.  The problem, according to her, is that I am dropping at some point
>and then rebounding.  They are recommending suspending the pump (I do this
>if exercise mid-morning) or cutting back on the bolus I do this if I am
>exercising within 2 hours after a meal).  They also suggest a snack of 
>grams of carbo (depending on the starting blood sugar) prior to exercising.

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