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Re: [IP] pump/sleep

>1.  What's the best thing to do with the pump while you are sleeping.  Do
>you still wear it? Do you put it next to the bed?

If you are worried about seizures, you could try the waist pouch.  (from MM) 
I use one because I like that the pump isn't attached to my clothing, which 
can get all twisted up while sleeping, and it also isn't lying free on the 
bed/under the pillow.

>2.  We have read that there are various ways of insertion.  Does any one
>seem to work better or cause less discomfort?

  There are different types of infusion sets--each kind is inserted a little 
differently.  I use sillouettes because I can't seem to use sof sets without 
having them go into a muscle.  I also don't like having to rely on an 
automatic insertion device--but some like the sof sets BECAUSE of the 
automatic insertion device! :)  It mostly depends on how much subcutaneous 
(usually abdominal) fat you have and whether you can put the sets in 
manually or would rather have a little help!  I have used both and when they 
are in right cannot feel either one while inserting it or while it's in.

>3.  Are the supplies needed for the pump expensive, and does insurance tend 
> >to pay for them?

Unfortunately, the supplies are pretty expensive.  Fortunately for some 
(most??)  insurance covers quite a bit.  We were lucky and both my pump and 
supplies are covered 100 percent. I have healthmate coast to coast in Rhode 
>I am sure we will have more questions as we wait, and even more once the
>pump arrives and Erika is using it.  We appreciate your insight.
  Good luck, and I hope everything will go well for you--I truly believe 
this is the best thing you can do for anyone with diabetes.  It is amazing 
the level of control and freedom you will have.  If it gets frustrating, 
don't give up!!  Take care and enjoy that PUMP!  -Gianna

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