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[IP] Annette- Hospital Pumpin'

Appreciated your post and I think that Barb's suggestion about signing release slips for patients (and/or parents) needs to be on somebody's (everybody's) medical agenda.  I too have countless stories to tell about diabetic care in the hospitals and recall one nurse's parting shot as I left the ER after a bad low. "Call your doctor, He's the expert!"  I said, "I'm the expert, He's my doctor."  If every nurse and doc was as informed as you are it wouldn't be an issue - honest- there's a part of me that would love to give up the care of my diabetes to another.  I'm with Kelly in the 'Secret Bolus Club'-  IF I know I'm going to the hospital I discretely tuck my syringe, Humalog, and some Dex tabs, somewhere in my gear so that I can avoid the ministrations of a few witless folks who want to control everything.  I can't imagine what an awesome responsibility it must be to be responsible for someone's life and I stand in awe of medical personnel who willing choose to do so.  God ble!
ss you all.  In the end, however, as you say it may be your job, but then it's my life- and I can't tell you the countless errors in calculations medical personnel have made with me personally.  It's as if I haven't a brain or they don't believe me when I tell them.  If I'm unconcious- I MAY have a little lattitude- but not much. LOL  Take care.  Dianne

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