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[IP] Exercise Highs

Let's face it, I'm fat!  Have been working out with weights for about a year (since the brain surgery I gave up walking as it doesn't provide much of a work out hobbling along with my cane LOL).  But, alas, it wasn't enough.  Today I did an hour of low intensity water aerobics.  Easy enough.  My starting BG was nearly 200 - I'd pumped it up on purpose- my ending BG was 285 and 2 hours later I was 435 despite having bolused for the 285.

I know that whatever my body interprets as stress ends up with a high blood sugar.  I suppose tying shoelaces could do it if I'd been prone in bed (alone!) for a year- and used to have an occasional sky high BG after skiing for a few hours- but this?  What's the best thing to do?  Just bolus after each exercise session until my body adjusts? Give up the water aerobics class until  whatever?  I didn't overdo it - I felt great afterwards - slightly tired - not exhausted.  Will the 'experts' please chime in?  email @ redacted

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