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[IP] Insurance question

Following the advice I have seen on this mailing list to "get things in
writing", I today called Shane's insurance company about insulin pumps.
They were very nice and told me about their policy/guidelines concerning
coverage of pumps. Then I asked them to fax me a copy of the guidelines
and they refused!  They said that they would gladly give this
information out over the phone to me or the doctors, but it is not their
policy to provide hardcopies of their guidelines because it could be
construed as a "guarantee of payment", and they never "guarantee"
payment. I thought this to be a bit odd. They have been really great
about paying absolutely EVERY charge we have submitted, and the
guidelines seem more than reasonable to me, so I have little doubt that
they will actually pay, but still.....  Has anyone ever heard of this? 
Is it even legal to do this?????  I am thinking about going out and
purchasing one of those devices to record telephone conversations and
then calling them back, just so I have some proof of the guidelines they
gave me!
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