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[IP] Midnight Highs

Every night it seems, my midnight check is showing BGs of 250-325 or so.  Now as a 2 year pumper, 35 yr. diabetic, I'm looking at a few things.  Basals too high with a rebound, basals too low and need to increase, or somehow not having properly digested early dinner (5p.m.), not taken enough med (20 mg. Propulsid) for gastro-paresis, or poor absorbtion of insulin (Two parts Regular,3 parts Humalog).  The worst part is that I have brief but glorious points of normal night time blood sugars, and these last about a week before some thing (life?) upsets the apple cart (or is that the apple carb?)  Between 8 pm and 4 a.m. my diabetes is a nearly some kind of nightmare.  I check my BG every 2 hours when I'm doing thisand am still confused after all this time.  On the rare occasion I eat anything after 5 p.m. I inject Humalog only so that the tail of the Regular won't catch me later.  This regime is exhausting (it's been going on for about a year now)- any ideas?
Dianne   email @ redacted

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