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Re: [IP] pump/sleep

>1.  What's the best thing to do with the pump while you are sleeping.  Do
>you still wear it? Do you put it next to the bed?  Erika tends to have
>seizures in her sleep, and we were curious where the safest place would be
>for the pump.

you should not take the pump off during the night when you sleep.  You can 
do several things  some where like a shirt, gown, etc that have a pocket 
and it goes there.  Me i just toss the pump into bed with me i have never 
had it come out on me.  I have woke up and have it wrapped around me 
several times.

>2.  We have read that there are various ways of insertion.  Does any one
>seem to work better or cause less discomfort?

Really this is variable from person to person and is just a matter of trial 
and error.

>3.  Are the supplies needed for the pump expensive, and does insurance tend
>to pay for them?

I have had all supplies covered for the pump including cases.

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