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[IP] Re: ER visits

I understand where Annette is coming from, but personally, the "care" I've
been given scares me, and now rather deal with it at home (with
friends/family) if at all possible.  Apart from horror stories I've heard,
I have two experiences of my own that helped me make this decision.

First was when I was on MDI.  I had surgury to have my wisdom teeth out.
First off, they normally put patients under a general anestetic, but I
requested the "alternate" that allowed me to maintain a level of
consciousness so I could tell if I got low or not.  First, they did not let
me bring my meter back with me (they didn't want it to interfear with their
equipment...).  Second, they went against my release I signed and knocked
me completely under.  Third, when I came out of it, I realized I was
dangerously low, asked for my meter and something to bring my bg up... and
was denied until I passed out (which is the ONLY time I've passed out from
a low).  Fourth, all four teeth were impacted to the bone so I had a bunch
of antibiotics as well as directions what I could eat.  They explained this
to me and not my mother, sometime after the surgury (I'm not sure when),
but I didn't have any memory of it, so I had to call my PCP for directions
because this doc didn't return my calls.  Fifth, when my PCP heard about
this fiasco, she wrote them a letter requesting my chart (with me signing
permission)... basically she got a letter in return that my chart was
"lost".  This is why I'm very leary of letting ANYONE I don't trust take
care of me especially my diabetes.

The other reason is because my CDE/endo try to keep me away from the ER as
much as possible because they feel I can help myself more in most cases.
Case in point, this summer, a canula managed to work its way out from under
the skin but not the tape (it was a sil) right around dinner time.  By the
time I noticed something was wrong, I was above 600.  I did the inject and
check thing, and it took 4 HOURS before I was low enough for my meter to
read me (I use Humalog, and for me it acts VERY fast, and is from what I've
been able to see, starts working in 5 minutes, and gone in 2 hours).  I was
talking to my CDE throughout this, and she kept advising me to keep at it
myself (with friends around) and to only go in if I started to feel really
bad and couldn't handle it.

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