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Re: [IP] anxiety

a word of warning.... i was briefly placed on anti-anxiety meds....  and i
can say that they certainly mellow you out!  so much so, that i failed to
notice/care as my blood sugar dropped to 37!!!!!  one of my dorm-mates
found me wandering the hall looking very ill/drunk/out of it/confused...
and had the good sense to pour me a glass of juice.... i never took the
meds again (gave me more anxiety just thinking about them, than they could
possibly help me avoid....)  but, yes, i do have anxiety problems caused
by the general stress of maintaining the care of my chronic illness, i
have found that they are better dealt with by therapy and behavior
modification, than with medication.....  if you do use meds, make sure
that you are under the care of a good psychiatrist, and endo (who talk to
each other!) and that there is someone around to look out for you....
that was one of the scariest experiences of my DM life, and not one that i
care to repeat....

my $.02

On Fri, 17 Sep 1999, Julie Britt wrote:

> I have just started seeing a doc for anxiety problems, and i was wondering if anyone else here deals with the same thing.  I'm curious to know if it is more prevalent in people with dm, or any chronic illness...  I used to have problems with depression too, but since I got my sugars under much better control it only comes every now and then)  Does anyone else experience this?
> Julie

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