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Re: [IP] ER Pumps and ER diabetes visits

We had similar problems before we started pumping. The hospital that the "911 
call" will take you to is not the same hospital that we go to for Rachel's 
diabetes care. We did call 911 less than one year after dx, pre-pump, and 
were taken to this other hospital...what a nightmare. They didn't have a clue 
in the "pediatric" ER as to how to take care of a 9 year old child with 
diabetes.  She was taken in because it was our very first experience with an 
extreme low bs, and she was suffering from partial paralysis (I forget what 
it's called). They thankfully did get in touch with her Endo, and she tried 
to talk them through it. Rachel was on a very low dose, like 1u of R and some 
NPH, but they didn't have a syringe small enough to give her just 1u. Now, 
this was a real Pediatric ER. Anyway, they sent us home after giving Rachel 
one shot. We had to carry her out of the hospital because she was still 
vomiting and couldn't walk. We called our Endo from home, and she couldn't 
believe how inept this hospital was.

Since that time, we have avoided calling 911 for any diabetes care, because 
we know they will drive her back to that same hospital. When she has been in 
crisis, we just picked her up and put her in our car and drove her to her 
diabetes care hospital...Johns Hopkins. We will avoid this other hospital for 
any diabetes care if at all possible, but I will never let her be sent there 
alone. Worse case, I will get her stabilized and remove her from that 
hospital if the need ever arises.

I sure wish these "Pediatric" ER's would learn how to deal with all pediatric 
conditions and have the supplies they need.

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