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Hello Jeremy,
Oh, yes.  I appreciated your response to my query very much.  As a brand
new pumper (2 days), learning from other people's real life experiences
will help me tremendously.  Trial and error is okay, but if someone else
has already walked that path, I'd love to learn from their mistakes AND
successes.  So thanks so much!  I will post this as there was much
practical and helpful info about using the pump during activity.  I'm
sure others will appreciate your insights.  I'd like to give it a try
practising while wearing the pump for maximum control.  So thx again for
responding.  Your words were very encouraging!
From:  email @ redacted
PS:  Thx to everyone who answered my query.  I am so impressed with the
kindness and wisdom of everyone on this discussion group.  Altho I must
admit I'm daunted by the sheer volume of correspondence.  Guess I won't
get lonely with an average of 150 emails a day!  I've been trying to
respond to all my direct correspondence personally, but I just can't
keep up.  (I'm a perfectionist at heart, like many of you-might come
with the territory of being a diabetic and always searching for that
perfect BG) Anyways, thx to all for your thoughtful responses!  Marilyn

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