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[IP] Re: ER visits

Since we are all sharing ER horrors, I will toss a couple out there too.

A few years ago Shane was visiting his mother out of state and had a
reaction in the middle of the night, with a seizure. When they arrived
at the ER, the doctor figured Shane was high on drugs and thats why he
was seizing.  When mom and husband tried to explain that he was diabetic
and needed glucose, he simply ignored them, even when they showed him
the MedicAlert--he just said, diabetes doesn't cause seizures, he must
be on drugs.  Then they decided to do some proceedures, a spinal tap and
a saddle-block I think? When mom heard that she freaked out and called
home to Shane's regular doctor (in the middle of the night).  The
regular doc then talked to the ER doc and told him if he went ahead with
those proceedures that there would be lawsuits filed, along with
complaints to state medical boards, etc! Thankfully Shane finally got
some glucose and was able to leave before they could do anything else to

This year, Shane had a reaction and seizure in the middle of the night. 
AFTER he came out of it, he still kept throwing up, so I called the
ambulance. When they arrived I explained everything to the EMTs and even
wrote down for them that he had a low blood sugar and thus a seizure,
along with all of Shane's information about insulin doses and when he
had taken it last, and what he ate, etc.  When I meet up with him again
at the hospital, I find out that the ER doctors never got any of this
information, the EMTs just threw it away! Not only that, but they never
even bothered to tell the docs that Shane was diabetic! Thankfully Shane
was aware and able to tell them some of this, but of course he has no
memories during the actual reaction and seizure, so he can't tell them
much useful. From now on, screw the ambulance, I will just drive him in
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