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Re: [IP] (no subject) - ER Pumps

Hi Kelly,

I realize your situation is different from mine since your the parent and I am
the diabetic with the pump, but please bare with me.  After two years ( being in
a new state ) of sheer hell dealing with such incompetent doctors and talking
with other diabetics who landed in the hospital I was scared to death that if I
landed in the hospital that I would die whether conscious or un conscious.  So
being the tenacious brat that I am, thank God, I started perusing what can I do
to save me if I land in the hospital.  I trained Steve, my husband, on the pump
meter etc.  I typed up all my calculations for highs, lows, carb counting etc..
But as we talked about it and thought about it more what if those darn doctors do
to him and I what they've done to other how can we avoid this.  I was reading Dr.
Bernsteins book and if anyone gets anything out of his book is the letter he
wrote to medical professionals for use when a diabetic is going in for a
procedure etc..  Hmm, I thought to myself.  Take this letter modify and make
Steve my power of attorney for when I am in the hospital.  I spoke with an
attorney and my doctor and they said it was a great idea. I looked into whether
or not I needed it recorded etc..  I didn't.  I had the attorney look at it prior
to getting it notarized.  As per state instructions I put the original in a safe
deposit box and we have a copy in our "Fran's" emergency kit ( extra pump, meter,
and supplies ).  I just recently had to go the ER and I was conscious.  We
brought the letter with us and they took a copy and the nurse thought it was good
and very smart to do.  Oh, I also gave a copy of it to my doctor to keep on
file.  I feel a lot safer now.  I also told Steve I don't care what you have to
do, e.g. use force ( ok so I really don't want it to go that far ) but call
attorney, call the police, call attorney, call do whatever do not let anyone take
my pump off.

If you or anybody else would like a copy of it, please let me know and I can
email it to your personally.  Please let me know if you would like it as a word
97 attachment or a cut and paste version.  Of course you would have to make
adjustment to it to meet your families own personal needs.  In this medical power
of attorney I list out my basels rates, bolus' etc..

Fran in az

> things up twice as much as when we arrived....VERY SCARY experience!!  There
> was SO MUCH more incompetence there that night, but leave it to say, our
> situation is currently under review by the President of the hospital, Medical
> director, and Patient Representation department.

ps.  GO GET THEM!!!!!!  I think I can speak for the entire list that we're all
behind you.  It scares the you know what out of me the power these doctors have.

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