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In a message dated 9/17/99 8:37:34 AM Eastern Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

<< Many people here have experienced some frightening BG events when someone 
 did not know what they were doing assumed diabetes control for the 
 hospitalized pumper. 
 Barbara B. (MS, RN, CDE, Certified pump trainer)      >>

        You are SO right with this statement!  Just last month we had the 
misfortune of bringing my 9yr old son to the emergency room of our local 
hospital in the middle of the night.  He was running high BG's, large ketones 
and vomiting.  The staff there was so woefully uninformed about the pump that 
they made the entire visit a fiasco!  There were many pathetic events 
throughout the evening, and it would be a LOOOOOOONG post her to explain it 
all, but leave it to say that they refused to allow us to regulate his pump, 
they made him hypoglycemic and he still had ketones and they forced us to 
shut off his pump and SWORE it was malfunctioning!!  To top this off our endo 
was on vacation and the doc filling in didn't know us from beans!  The ER doc 
insisted that the pump was to blame (which we knew it wasn't) and in the 
end......They ended up having us shut off the pump, put him on a dextrose 
drip with a 50% dextrose push, fed him a FULL breakfast (for which I secretly 
bolused even though they said not to) and then WONDERED why he shot up to 320 
again....They said he was unstable and had to be admitted.....BULL!!!  I 
managed to beep the doc on call myself who came there and was horrified at 
the treatment we were given there in the ER.....He chewed them out for 
forcing us to shut off the pump, and proceeded to discharge my son to the 
SAFETY of home (his very own words!)....Pretty sad when you go to a place 
where you think you will get help, and have them make you worse off then when 
you arrive simply because of sheer ignorance!  They insisted they knew what 
they were doing with the pump, yet the doctor asked me numerous times when my 
son had the "surgery" to have it implanted....He admitted to me that he had 
never seen an insulin pump, yet he proclaimed to be the expert and botched 
things up twice as much as when we arrived....VERY SCARY experience!!  There 
was SO MUCH more incompetence there that night, but leave it to say, our 
situation is currently under review by the President of the hospital, Medical 
director, and Patient Representation department.  Our endo was shocked at 
what happened that night and urged us to pursue this matter further.  This 
can truly be a serious matter and I have to agree with Barbara wholeheartedly 
because of our own frightening experience.

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