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[IP] RE: sof set micro lows

< Has anyone else had similar experiences using the new set?>

Yup. 10-year-old Peter is going through that too. I had his 11 p.m. basals
to 7 a.m. basals right in the target zone and now they're all aus gescrewed.
His daytime readings had lows in them too. I didn't know if it was the new
sets or a diabetes thing. In his 6 years with diabetes, I've noticed that
before his body requires more insulin, his insulin use will drop off
dramatically. For example, 2 years ago whilst still on shots, he was using
about 26 units of insulin a day. Suddenly, we had to cut him back to 4 units
a day.  This lasted about 3 days, then he needed 30 units/day to keep him
steady. No explanations from the doctors. So, I don't know if this current
deviation is an infusion set thing or a diabetes thing. 

Joyce in ND
email @ redacted

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