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Re: [IP] carbo load at night

Ellen, the answer is in your statement that he ate a lot of pasta.  There's
no way a lot of pasta will be anywhere near digested in 1.5 h.  It varies a
lot among people, but I bet his GI system was still infusing his blood with
glucose 5  hours later.  Just like insulin absorption, the digestion of
carbs is very nonlinear.  The more you bolus (food or insulin), the longer
it takes to get it all done.  It's not at all like boiling 3 eggs in one
pot (taking the same cooking time as 1).  The enzymes get saturated and if
you eat two cups of pasta instead of one it will likely take even more than
twice as long to digest.  Sooo, you just need to either use a temporary
basal or square wave in the future.  If there's a bunch of meat in the
pasta that further compounds the situation.   In general, not a great idea
to carb load 	of meat load too close to bedtime.

>Last night my son ate a lot of pasta marinara and some garlic rolls for
>dinner with seltzer and a splash of juice.  His bg 1.5 hours later,  before
>bed, rose to 170 and he took his correction bolus of half unit H.  By morning
>the bg was 351.  With a correction bolus, the bg went right down so we know
>the site was functioning fine.  (Too bad he didn't test bg when he got up to
.>go to the bathroom in the middle of the night 2x! I didn't hear him get up.)

>Can someone please explain to me why after my son eats a high carb, no
>protein, low fat dinner , his bg soars  hours later?

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