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Re: [IP] pump/sleep

email @ redacted wrote:
> As we are waiting for approval for the pump, a few questions have come to
> mind:
> 1.  What's the best thing to do with the pump while you are sleeping.  Do
> you still wear it? Do you put it next to the bed?  Erika tends to have
> seizures in her sleep, and we were curious where the safest place would be
> for the pump.

I'm sure you'll get a lot of answers to this one!!!!

I just leave it somewhere in the bed near my hips when I sleep. When I
wake up, the tubing is wrapped around me, and the pump is following like
a puppy dog on a leash.  

I used to put it under my pillow, but I'm the proverbial princess and
the pea -- I could always feel it. 

I also don't put it too close to my chest, because then my arms get
tangled in the tubing.

Other people use T-shirts with pockets, etc. but because I sleep all
over the place, I would end up sleeping on it, and it's too hard and
bulky to make a comfortable mattress!

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