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Re: [IP] Sof-set Micro Lows

email @ redacted wrote:
> I know there are quite a few of you who are in the testing of the Sof-set
> Micro infusion set. How is it going? Amy has had hers in for 1 full day, and
> we have had nothing but lows!!  (snip) Has
> anyone else had similar experiences using the new set?

I would be really reluctant to blame one day of lows on a new set --
there are too many other things that could be happening. 

I can eat and exercise in what SEEMS to be exactly the same way from one
day to the next, and yet my BGs are NOT consistent. So I pretty much
ignore short-term variations in terms of basals -- although I do correct
for BG readings if they're TOO far out of whack.

I do watch for creeping patterns -- if I notice a gradual but sustained
rise or fall of BGs, I'll adjust for it. When I first went on insulin, I
was using 45 units a day -- but as my control got better, mostly through
abandoning the predetermined 2-shot a day routine and going to 4 - 6
shots a day, I came down to about 35 units; now, on the pump (6 month
anniversary TODAY!), I'm using 20 - 25 units a day. 

As my pancreas gradually fails, I surmise that my daily totals will go
back up again; I'm watching for it! 

As far as the Micros, I got a box, too -- put the first one in yesterday
-- BGs have been very good. Remains to be seen if the thing stays IN for
3 days, though!

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