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[IP] pump/sleep

As we are waiting for approval for the pump, a few questions have come to

1.  What's the best thing to do with the pump while you are sleeping.  Do
you still wear it? Do you put it next to the bed?  Erika tends to have
seizures in her sleep, and we were curious where the safest place would be
for the pump.

2.  We have read that there are various ways of insertion.  Does any one
seem to work better or cause less discomfort?

3.  Are the supplies needed for the pump expensive, and does insurance tend
to pay for them?

I am sure we will have more questions as we wait, and even more once the
pump arrives and Erika is using it.  We appreciate your insight.

Kim S.
Erika's mom, 20 y/o w/cystic fibrosis, diabetes, asthma, and epilepsy.
email @ redacted

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