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[IP] Pumps in hospitals

After reading several posts over the last several months about patients with 
insulin pumps in the hospital, I just had to add my .02 worth.  I know that 
people on insulin pumps have control of their diabetes/ insulin intake and 
want to maintain that control in the hospital.  As an RN, I can see where the 
hospital staff is coming from in wanting to do the testing and administration 
of insulin.  Although my son has had diabetes for 8 years, I had not heard of 
an insulin pump until a couple of years ago.  When a patient is under my care 
in the hospital, I am responsible.  I can't emphasize that enough.  If my 
patient were to have a severe hypoglycemic episode or go into DKA, it would 
be considered my fault.  Besides concern for patient safety, there is the 
liability.  Besides a possible lawsuit against the hospital, a nurse could 
lose his/her nursing license and/or her job.  Nurses aren't trying to be 
difficult- they are trying to do what is in the best interest of the patient 
in the safest manner.          Annette
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