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[IP] change of season and basals

I forgot if someone wrote on this link.

we are seeing a huge dip in basal requirements this last two weeks.  we
still have our high periods before a site change...but once we are
reinfused, the basals sink.

geneva's 2pm to 8 pm basal has gone from .5 to .3.    her carb ratio from 2
pm until bedtime have really gone up.  we were around 1:25 in summer and I
am now about to go from 1:34 up to 1:36.  (am tempted to do a big one but I
know michael would scold me!)

she isn't doing anything different from two weeks ago unless her school
schedule is just taking time to 'settle in'.  is this what is happening?

does it take awhile for a new schedule to start to show need for adjustment?


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