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Re: [IP] Info request

"Robson, Phillip" wrote:

> especially from those that travel widely and have flexible work schedules.

I don't have a flexible work schedule but my weekday and weekend
schedules are significantly different as I am a night person and that
controls sleep times on the weekend.

> I am currently getting feedback via ex colleagues in London (whose direct
> care I am currently not under) that I should not be persuing a pump solution
> so early, if at all.  

I have seen comments that doctors in England are really "behind" in
terms of understanding pumps.  You might want to ask someone telling you
that the pump isn't something to persue for more information about who
they think pumps are good for.  This answer might help you to "rate" who
much "weight" you want to give their comments.

Too many in the medical community just don't get it when it comes to
pumps.  They should be an option to everyone who wants good bg control
and a life, IMO.  


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