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Re: [IP] Martial Arts

Hello Jef!  Domo Arigato Gozaimashita!  I appreciate your response to my
question re: Aikido and the pump.  I wondered if there'd been any other
aikidokas out there and here you are!  Amazing....Disconnecting was my 1st
thought also.  But my doc thinks I should try it out with the pump.  What I
really want is to be able to get through a class without my blood sugars going
up and down more times than me!  I often have had to treat low bgs with
dextrose tabs and crackers several times during class and sometimes had to
stop practise due to sky high bgs.  Its been really frustrating.  How do you
keep your bgs normal for class?  Do you decrease your basal a few hours
before?  Or take a small bolus during?    I am wondering how you keep your
sugars from skyrocketing without any basal insulin on board.
I'm also curious about your aikido practise.  Where is your dojo and who is
your teacher?
I I live in a little village of less than a  thousand people in British
Columbia, Canada.  It's gloriously beautiful here.  Our dojo is in Mirror Lake
surrounded by mountains and  forest with a  lake and waterfall nearby.  We are
so fortunate to live and practise in this breathtaking environment.  Our
sensei is Jean Rene Leduc.  He has his 4th dan and has been practising for 16
years.  His teacher in Japan is Takeda Sensei and before that he studied with
Bill Gleason Sensei in Boston.  I've been practising for 6 years (although I
lost the last 6 months of practise to diabetic neuropathy in my legs).   I
have a husband named Rich and we've been together for 21 years.  He has been
practising aikido for 7 years and soon to get his black belt.  We both love
the dynamic quality of the practise, the fine community of people who follow
this way, and the beauty of the philosophy contained in the art both on and
off the mats.  Its just plain fun too!  Rich is a real anchor in my life and I
know he'll be a big support with the pump.  Well, domo arigato.  I'd love to
hear from you again.  Marilyn
>From <email @ redacted>

Jef Lepine wrote:

> > Hi all!  Marilyn here from B.C., Canada.  Just started pumping insulin
> > today at noon.  My blood sugar is already NORMAL!  I'm happy.  Does
> > anyone out there do a martial art or some comparable activity while
> > wearing the pump?  I've been doing Aikido for the past 5 years..  It's
> > very dynamic with lots of falling, rolling, tumbling, sweating, etc.
> > Classes often range between 1 1/2-3 hours at a time.  My doc wants me to
> > wear the pump for best control.  I like the idea but am worried about
> > jarring or damaging this $5,000 piece of technology.  Any thoughts re:
> > accessories or placement on the body would be appreciated.  Thx so
> > much!
> Actually, I practice Aikido myself. During the hour or so class is on, I
> take the pump right off. I actually don't really care about injuring the
> pump, it's me that I'm worried about. My endo doesn't like the idea of
> disconnecting but I haven't had any problems so far.
> I'd say practice with it off, I can't think of any place where I could put
> my pump where it wouldn't get in the way (or fallen on).
> -Jef
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