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Re: [IP] waterproofness

At 03:21 PM 9/16/1999  Anika Schon wrote:

> >>Beg to differ. Water Proof is a designation which indicates that the
>product may be submerged in water up to 30 feet deep. I don't think
>either pump will survive that treatment. The Disetronic certainly is
>sealed in a manner that will allow complete immersion in shallow
>water indefinetly, but it is certainly not waterproof in the sense
>that you would --- for instance --- go skindiving with it on.
>email @ redacted>>
>waterproof. (adj.) that keeps out water completely, esp., treated with
>rubber, plastic, etc. so that water will not penetrate.
>     (from Webster's New World Dictionary)
>   Disetronic's pump is waterproof.
>You can continue to disagree, of course, but your definition reminds me
>of a politician's recent tap dance around the definition of sex.

I believe there is a technical difference between the dictionary definition 
and the legal definition. I think it was the legal definition that Michael 
was referring to. How that applies in this situation, I don't know. A basic 
rule is to never believe what one company says about the competition... 
it's hardly an unbiased opinion.


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