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[IP] waterproofness

>>Beg to differ. Water Proof is a designation which indicates that the
product may be submerged in water up to 30 feet deep. I don't think
either pump will survive that treatment. The Disetronic certainly is
sealed in a manner that will allow complete immersion in shallow
water indefinetly, but it is certainly not waterproof in the sense
that you would --- for instance --- go skindiving with it on.
email @ redacted>>

waterproof. (adj.) that keeps out water completely, esp., treated with
rubber, plastic, etc. so that water will not penetrate. 
    (from Webster's New World Dictionary)
  Disetronic's pump is waterproof.
You can continue to disagree, of course, but your definition reminds me
of a politician's recent tap dance around
the definition of sex.

Anika, the literal

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