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Re: [IP] RE: Which Pump

>> Water Proof is a designation which indicates that the
> > product may be submerged in water up to 30 feet deep. I don't think
> > either pump will survive that treatment. The Disetronic certainly is
> > sealed in a manner that will allow complete immersion in shallow
> > water indefinetly, but it is certainly not waterproof in the sense
> > that you would --- for instance --- go skindiving with it on.

> I don't want to get into semantics (I'm not very good at it), but
> when it was mentioned by a number of members that D does not claim
> to be waterproof, I looked it up on their site.  They clearly state
> 'waterproof'.  When I got my D, in '93, I was told that there would
> be no problems for short depths without the tappet.  With the tappet
> it would be more waterproof to greater depths.  Whether greater
> depths was 11' or 31' I don't know, but I don't think I've heard of
> anyone having trouble with a leaking D.
True, true. It is what you like that counts, there are few if any 
functional differences between the pumps when it comes to CSII

The the FINAL word is really what is written below

> I do believe that the pumps are close, with
> the personal choice making the only difference. 

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