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Re: [IP] Info request

>Should I be paying more attention to the more conservative opinions I am
>receiving or go with my gut feeling?

Phil--first of all, I hope everything is going well for you, I know that I 
was a mess my first month after diagnosis trying to deal with all the new 
stuff that went along with it.  As for your question, I would go with your 
gut feeling and GET THAT PUMP!!! I could never understand why docs want you 
out of the honeymoon before pumping when the pump might actually extend your 
honeymoon period a little and also the honeymoon could give kind of a buffer 
if something goes wrong.  I don't think it matters that your insulin will 
change--it would change on injections too, and the pump is definately much 
much easier to deal with while travelling.  One of the reasons I got one so 
quickly for myself was that I am going to England next year and didn't want 
to deal with injections, schedules, time zones, etc.  I have only been 
diabetic for 5 months.  I started looking into a pump after only 6 weeks, 
and have been pumping for 9 days.  I love it--there is no reason you 
shouldn't start looking now.  --Gianna

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