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Re: [IP] And that's the *rest* of the pizza

>Perhaps there are some of you who can recall the joy of finding health-care
>professionals who not only know diabetes but realize that after 26 years
>with this disease (or how ever old your DM is) the patient who is still
>living and breathing may know a thing or two.
Anika--congratulations!!! I felt the exact same way when I switched doctors. 
  First I had a team of people that never remembered me, wanted me on THEIR 
regimen and only THEIR regimen, wouldn't answer my questions, wouldn't give 
me any info or tests etc.  then I switched docs, also an office with several 
diabetes specialists incl. a pumping nurse! he told me I was doing 
everything right and couldn't believe my other doctors.  Isn't it a 
wonderful feeling???  :))   --Gianna

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