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Re: [IP] And that's the *rest* of the pizza

email @ redacted wrote:

>     Good idea....I heard of a mom who left a local endo because he refused to
> put her pre-teen son on a pump. After switching to another practice and
> beginning pump therapy, she began faxing the old endo weekly print-outs of
> his bgs.....Rumor has it this practice is now also putting kids on pumps!

Yeah, reminds me of an "endo" actually employed as medical school
professor, whom I consulted when I thought I might be developing
diabetes. Showed him weeks worth of records with NO BGs under 150 and
many in the 200's and low 300's, and he said I wasn't diabetic, just
"glucose intolerant". 

Yeah, sure, whatever you say, doc!
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