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[IP] Info request

Forgive my self indulgence but as a newly diagnosed type I as of three weeks
standing I would welcome comments on my current / future situation from
those in the diabetic community with more experience of the condition than I
have. I realise that no one will be able to give specific medical opinions
but I would welcome any general comments, especially from those that travel
widely and have flexible work schedules.

I have a medical background (radiographer) and am currently working as an IT
consultant on a project in Marseille that involves travel and four flights
every week between home in the north of England and France as well as very
variable hours. Future projects may be anywhere in europe or further afield.

I enjoy my job and have set myself the goal of continuing my flexible
schedule while maintaining tight bg control to minimize chances of
complication onset until such time as methods of islet cell transplantation
are available some time in the future. 

>From the knowledge I have gained so far it seems to me that the best method
of achieving my goals is with a pump. My current issue is the timing of
starting pump therapy. I am currently still on my honeymoon, on 14 units
Humulin M2 daily, split between 10  unit morning and 4 unit evening
injections. When I have control over meal timing and content (no airline or
hotel food) I am eating like a horse to maintain pre meal bg values in the 5
- 7 range. I am eating much more than normal and am beginning to put back
some of the weight I initially lost before diagnosis. At the weekend I am
due to change to a regimen of long acting insulin and three humalog
injections via pen to allow for greater flexibility of schedule.

I am currently getting feedback via ex colleagues in London (whose direct
care I am currently not under) that I should not be persuing a pump solution
so early, if at all.  The suggestion is that I should not be in France away
from the team that are managing my care unless there is a specific Dr here
in Marseille that is aware of my situation. I will be seeing the London
doctors soon for a second opinion face to face.

I am torn between pushing for an early pump solution, I realise at some
stage soon my insulin requirements will change dramatically, but I would
think this should be as easy, if not easier, to manage with a pump rather
than multiple humalog injections.

Should I be paying more attention to the more conservative opinions I am
receiving or go with my gut feeling?

Any and all comments will be gratefully received.

WIth thanks, 


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