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Re: [IP] carbo load at night

> Last night my son ate a lot of pasta...,  before bed, rose to 170 and he
> took his correction bolus of
> half unit H.  By morning the bg was 351. 

> Can someone please explain to me why after my son eats a high carb,
> no protein, low fat dinner , his bg soars  hours later?  
Several possibilities
The first is the usual culprit ..... protein hidden in the food that 
is later converted to carbs. Was there lots of cheese or meat with 
the pasta??

Possibile measuring error with pasta -- tough to measure. Cooked by 
the cup, there are usually about 7 cups for a pound of dry pasta, so 
figure the carbs that way or measure ALL the cooked pasta and figure 
the carbs based on the total for what you cooked dry by weight.

Little people tummy overload. Combined with one of the above (or 
another senario for the extra carbs), small tummies that get VERY 
filled, don't digest food in a linear fashion -- this is similar to 
what big people experience when fat or oil is mixed with food. The 
digestive system has a maximum processing ability. When more than a 
certain amount of food is in the "pipeline", the digestive system 
processes it as "bulk/unit time" rather than proportionally to the 
amount of bulk present. Unfortunately, this does not match the way 
insulin is absorbed. Insulin tends to go in proportional to the 
amount given. This works great as long as the food is digested 
proportionally to the amount eaten. When you eat a "bunch" the 
digestive system maxes out and take longer to digest the excess food.

All in all, your son's experience is similar to a lot of other 
people's. Just make note for next time.

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