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[IP] RE: Which Pump

Not only that but you should think of their failure rate, something which
neither company wants to publish or admit.  After dealing with MM and the
backlog of now two months and no one has still looked at my pump, I finally
have had it with them. Two loaners later and both have had problems.  They
have told me it would be anywhere between 12 and 14 weeks before they can
get to it.

I have done some careful consideration and decided to get another one, but
not a MM if I can help it.  (My HMO is so into them)  The D looks better an
better all the time, and after reading John Walsh's review on the new ones
coming out on the market my decision is still open.  I plan on see the D rep
soon and calling and asking how long it takes for service currently on their


>> ... <snip> After the process was over, I was glad I met with
the MM rep first because their literature compares the two pumps in a
very competitive nature. ... >>

>>I would add that MM's pump comparison literature was not merely
it was inaccurate (so as not to say "they lied") in such a way as to cast
the competitor's product in a less favorable light. (duh. big surprise).
   For example, they claimed that Disetronic's pump is "water resistant"
rather than waterproof.As the owner of a Disetronic H-TRONplus, I can say it
is definitely waterproof, and that is even without use of the red tappet.
    The MiniMed (according to it's own literature) is water resistant,--
meaning that  as with my water resistant  watch which I sometimes forget to
remove until I've already hopped into the shower, some water splashing won't
kill it, but submersion could.  On the other hand, You can take a bath in a
Disetronic. It can stand in as your  rubber ducky.
    The "comparison"  contained other falsehood and omissions about the
    For me, truthfulness counts, and that ended up being one more factor in
my own decision. Perhaps that truthfulness problem was limited to thier
promo dept. but I couldn't be sure.
   For you, that may or may not be an issue, but Buyer Beware: It's best to
consider the source of information especially when it is about the


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