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[IP] And that's the *rest* of the pizza

   This is Anika, the mad pizza eater who's Endo wouldn't allow her to drop
basals below .3 for my daily hypo producing bike rides alleging a danger of
DKA. This is the same Anika many of you advised to find a new doctor.
     I followed up on your suggestion. I now believe myself to be in the
best possible hands, at an office of three (!!!) docs, all endos,
specialists in diabetes, who have a CDE/Dietitian on staff.    My first
visit took four hours and I spent that not in the waiting room, but with the
CDE, the doc, the lab technician, the doc, the CDE, etc. etc. I enjoyed the
miracle of the 6-minute HbA1C (7.2 -- down at least .2 from my previous
HbA1C, many moons ago). BTW,  I found these wondrous people by posting a
note on Usenet (misc.health.diabetes). This is without question the most
valuable piece of information ever transmitted over the Net.
   Anyway, I digress euphorically...
    These people know their stuff, have started 47 folks on pumps -- both
MMs and Ds -- They have some patients who run marathons so exercise didn't
throw them off pace. I have clearance to drop my basal to 0 for all bike
rides when I'm in target and have a sliding scale for when I'm higher and
this is all considered a starting point to test with.  :)  :)   :) The
experiment continues....
   AND I told my pizza story to the CDE. I spoke a bit sheepishly, sure I
would be chewed out. She frowned at me and said, "Actually, I was going to
say you should try this again."
   (Aha-HAAA-HAAA-HAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No Pr-rr-rr-R-Oblem!!!)
   So per my health care professionals orders, last Friday I again ate 1/2
(that's four slices) of a medium Chicago deep-dish pizza with light cheese,
roasted garlic, mushrooms, and green peppers. :^9  while watching a movie on
the sofa next to my husband.
    And I made adjustments, this time beginning my meal with a bolus of 10
which produced no more than a 13 point rise in my BS over the next two
hours. After that it climbed steadily, so my next experiment will involve
the levels of  insulin I will give myself for the next six
hours.(automatically through the night). I love science.

Perhaps there are some of you who can recall the joy of finding health-care
professionals who not only know diabetes but realize that after 26 years
with this disease (or how ever old your DM is) the patient who is still
living and breathing may know a thing or two. I finally feel I have a DM
team. I finally feel like we are all on the *same* team.

And thanks to all of you who pronounced: Get a new doctor. You got me to do
it sooner rather than later. :^)

Anika, the smiley

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