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Re: [IP] Seizures from low blood sugar

> Her endo told us that most diabetics 
> would not have a seizure, due to hypoglycemia, unless their BG was in the 
> 20s. In Erika's case, however, her BG only has to be below 60 to trigger a 
> seizure.

I have had 2 "seizures" in the 19 years that I have been diabetic,
 the first when I was 16 and my blood sugar was 45. The second 
was this February(age23) and my blood sugar was 56. Both were 
in the middle of the night. I have had lows as low as 23 and not had 
a seizure. However, both nights I went to bed with a blood sugar 
above 150. So my guess was that the seizure was caused by a 
severe drop in bg over a short period of time. It is these lows that
 make me loose coordination during the day also even when my 
bg is 115 dropping from 240.

Hope that helps.
-- Sherry

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