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Re: [IP] Martial Arts

> Hi all!  Marilyn here from B.C., Canada.  Just started pumping insulin
> today at noon.  My blood sugar is already NORMAL!  I'm happy.  Does
> anyone out there do a martial art or some comparable activity while
> wearing the pump?  I've been doing Aikido for the past 5 years..  It's
> very dynamic with lots of falling, rolling, tumbling, sweating, etc.
> Classes often range between 1 1/2-3 hours at a time.  My doc wants me to
> wear the pump for best control.  I like the idea but am worried about
> jarring or damaging this $5,000 piece of technology.  Any thoughts re:
> accessories or placement on the body would be appreciated.  Thx so
> much! 

Actually, I practice Aikido myself. During the hour or so class is on, I
take the pump right off. I actually don't really care about injuring the
pump, it's me that I'm worried about. My endo doesn't like the idea of
disconnecting but I haven't had any problems so far.

I'd say practice with it off, I can't think of any place where I could put
my pump where it wouldn't get in the way (or fallen on).


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