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Re: [IP] Help with counselor understanding siezures in diabetics

I too used to have these seizures from the lows I would get in the middle of
the night.  And I have had lots of them.  Over 2 dozen I believe.  Thank God
for glucagon.  When I
was a kid they didn't have this and the alternative treatment sounds
ghastly.  The last time I had them I was 18 or 19, I don't exactly remember,
but it was when I switched to human insulin, prior to me going on the pump.

I also had a friend who is a diabetic and this also happened to her while at
my house.  She was 23 at the time.  My mom used one of the amps of glucagon
on her and it helped to bring her out.  In the meantime I had called the
paramedics and when they showed up and asked what happened and what we had
given her they said "Oh!  Another @#$% home remedy".  This was in 1985,
glucagon had been on the market for sometime!  The amount of ignorance in
the medical field amazes me! and I work in the medical field!


<<Nancy Morgan, mom of Jenna, 10 years old and pumping for 1 year

My daughter had friend, also diabetic, over to spend the night.  About 4 am,
my daughter came flying into my room, "Something's wrong with Elizabeth."
She was having a seizure.   It lasted a long time.  She would cry out, then
stiffen, then vomit, then repeat the cycle.  It had happened to her twice
before.  Since she got the pump in January, the seizures have disappeared
along with the night time hypoglycemia.>>

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