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[IP] Re: As for living with NLD...

At 10:07 PM 9/15/99 -0700, Carrie Wade wrote:

>Just to let you know...their is a brand of make-up called DermaBlend that is
>used by burn victims and people who have scars.  It costs about $18 for a
>decent sized tube.  I, personally, feel that mine look worse trying to cover
>them up -- but you could feel differently!

I'd like to give that a try, Carrie.  Do you know where it is available?
I've had limited success with a product called Linda Seidel's Natural
Cover.  Yes, yes...call me a sucker; I bought it off of an infomercial.
With enough blending I can lighten but not completely cover my spots.  I've
had a lot of people wince at the sight of my NLD, taking it to be nasty
bruising.  I also wear opaque tights a lot.  Fwiw, elsewhere on the
internet I saw a reported m.d. (no guarantee of credentials made or
implied) say that he had some success using intra-lesional steroid injections.

not pumping yet, but hoping    

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