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[IP] Re: As for living with NLD...

Re:  As for living with NLD-- Do any of you often get rude and
insensitive comments from complete strangers about what that ugly thing
is on your leg? 	

My NDL covers a large portion of my shin and many people tell me that
they thought it was a burn.  I usually just let them think that instead
of going into a long explanation.  The hardest questions I get though
are from young kids.  How do you explain it to them?  I have never had
anyone ask me if I have Aids though.  I bet that would be frustrating. 
I used to cover it up by wearing pants but I happen to have very nice
looking legs (except for the NDL) and my husband gets mad if I don't
show them off.  It was recommended to me by my dermotologist to use some
of that heavy duty makeup that burn victims use.  I hadn't tried that
yet though because I imagine it is quite expensive.

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