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[IP] Seizures from low blood sugar

I have two diabetic kids - Eric, 13 (dx at 1) and Sean, 10 (dx at 2).  Sean 
has had some severe lows and has twitched and gotten sleepy or not made too 
much sense but nothing worse than that.  Eric, however, is another story.  
He's had 8-10 seizure episodes through the years - all from low blood sugar.  
He's also had some strange neurological symptoms but remained awake - like 
the time he went blind for an hour or so.  His eyes kind of rolled around in 
his head and then all he could see was black.  His vision came back after we 
got his sugar up.  All the while, he was awake, alert, and conscious - very 
strange.  Our endo said that some kids are more prone to neurological 
reactions and seizures than others.  We haven't had a seizure episode in a 
few years now  though in the past two years we've had two pass out episodes 
the latest of which is what prompted us to get a pump for him.

I agree with whoever said that you may want to consider changing counselors.  
Almost anything you read on diabetes says that seizures are a possibility if 
blood sugar is too low.  It's hard to believe a health care provider doesn't 
know that.

Good luck.

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