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[IP] seizures in diabetics

Hi Jim, Carol and all--

My son Josh had several (four or five) seizures as a result of low blood
sugars when he was younger.  Our pediatrician wanted to rule out other
causes, if possible, so we agreed to several different procedures after
Josh's second seizure.  The were unable to find evidence of any other
cause, and subsequent seizures were well-documented as relating to low
blood glucose.
We did have a little bit of trouble convincing an ER doc that Josh didn't
need to have a spinal tap after one incident.  My husband refused the tap
without prior consulatation with oour regular pediatrician; the ER doc got
a little haughty.  My husband picked Josh up and began to walk out of the
hospital, so the ER doc backed down.  Of course, our pediatrician didn't
see the need for a spinal tap since he knew Josh's history.  Argh.  If the
seizures had continued to be a problem, we were told we might want to look
at putting Josh on phenobarbital as a preventative measure--fortunately, he
hasn't had a seizure since then.

I also know an adult with diabetes (MDI) who just recently had a low blood
glucose related seizure.  Hope this information helps you communicate with
that counselor!

:)  Doreen in Wyoming--
	Type I pumper, and mom of Type I pumper  
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