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[IP] Which Pump

From: "Restis" <email @ redacted>
I have finally decided to use a pump, but have not decided which one.
MM507c or Disetronic H-TRON?  Any coments???

My mentor and a fellow member, Dorothy Braker, gave me the best advice
on selecting a pump. Meet face-to-face with representatives from both
MiniMed and Disetronic. They should demonstrate the pump's functions
and give you their pitch (perhaps you may even be able to get a
trial/loaner pump). After the process was over, I was glad I met with
the MM rep first because their literature compares the two pumps in a
very competitive nature. In turn, this information brought up questions
I hadn't thought of before. The technical departments are a great
resources, if you want a straight answer... 

You may find John Walsh's (author of the pump bible, Pumping Insulin)
article "New Insulin Pumps, New Choices" interesting:

You wouldn't be making a mistake with either a Minimed or Disetronic
pump, both are very good pumps. The most important thing is the
improved control and freedom you will obtain. 

Have fun shopping.

Happy to be pumping almost 6 months :]
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