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[IP] take it off, baby

Doreen wrote:
<  My daughters new school nurses (new school ,not new nurses) asked 
> if  Jessica could please leave her insulin pump home and just take 
> shots during school. 

Sheeesh...i had a similar experience in the HOSPITAL of all places, last year 
during my tummy trauma.  The nurses wanted me to take it off "just" for my 

I was in the hospital for the 2nd time in 3 weeks - this time in Chicago 
while on business.  They had no idea what was wrong with me, still, but I 
managed to speak to the endo on duty and TOLD him I was keeping my pump on, 
which gave the interns and residents something to pester me about.  But for 
those first 3 days, my bg stayed between 115 and 170, without benefit of food 
or drink...merely dextrose drip and basal insulin.  Then they decided to do a 
laparotomy to see what that "baseball sized mass" was, and the night before, 
the head nurse comes in, all concerned, yet authoritative...."they" (the 
nursing staff) would really feel more comfortable if I would allow them to 
check my bg and adminster the insulin...NO way I said...I am more comfortable 
with you keeping your hands and needles off of me AND besides the endo had 
already said I could keep it anyway (as if he had a choice)

She started to get snippy about how I would be unable to take care of myself 
and how bad I was gonna feel...since I had already been told how long I was 
gonna be unconscious for and I had already trained the anesthesia guy on how 
to do a high bg bolus, and I had my mom there to do bg testings once i was 
out of OR, I just turned my hospital gown only clad buttocks towards her...I 
kept the pump, but they made me take off my medic alert bracelet...go figger

After the surgery, my bg was close to 220 I think, but no one, not even me 
was that worried about it, and once I started doing the testing and bolusing, 
i was back down, and stayed there even when they finally allowed me to eat 

Doreen...I know your daughter doesnt have on a hospital gown, but I hope she 
did the same thing! 

*-)=B xoxx~~~[507]
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